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New from Abounding Ministries:
Come Closer

Praise for Come Closer: A Call to Life, Love, and Breakfast on the Beach

“[Rubietta] weaves an eloquent display of proofs from scripture…richly presenting Jesus’ beckonings with dynamic storytelling, emotionally inviting prayers and calls to honest introspection. She is wonderful at expressing the heart’s longing for comfort and care.”
—Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

Come Closer: A Call to Life, Love, and Breakfast on the Beach

Come for…
Help. Relief.
When your heart’s sore
When you’re hungry and still want…more

The Love you’ve almost quit longing for waits for you in Jesus’ irresistible “come” invitations. Jane’s vibrant, vulnerable look at these familiar words will open your heart to the life, love, and feast you’ve been missing. Humor and unforgettable stories put skin on the Scriptures, and bring back to life hope, help, and new ways to draw you nearer to God. Come alongside Jesus, and you’ll dance with him at the wedding feast, walk with him on water, feed the 5,000, and enter His joy.
Come Closer—to life, Jesus, and a new you.
Each chapter includes engaging ideas, application exercises, discussion or reflection questions. Plus: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Come Closer for how to use this book for personal or group Bible study!

(Colorado Springs, CO: Waterbrook Press, a division of Random House, 2007).

$14.00/ISBN 978-1-4000-7351-1>/strong>

Resting Place CD:
A Musical Companion to the Book Resting Place
(InterVarsity Press: 2005)

Rich Rubietta and Abounding Music offer twelve Scriptures set to music and surrounded by fresh lyrics to strengthen your walk with God. This CD serves as a companion to Jane Rubietta's book, Resting Place. Tracks include:

1. Restingplace 2. Portion 3. Everlasting Love 4. Integrate 5. I'll Arise 6. Whole Soul 7. Be Angry 8. Fear Not 9. Final Answer 10. This Is the Day 11. Serve One Another 12. Love of My Life


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ROOM 4U & ME CD - for Public Schools   

2004 Parent's Choice Approved Award!

Hear and feel the energy of these eleven songs that reinforce Character Education with active music, drawn from the Music Assemblies this Illinois Arts Council ArtsTour artist offers in Public Schools Traditional tunes receive a new feel, like Lean on Me, Peace Like a River, Don't Play with Bruno, by Tom Chapin and Harry Chapin's Flowers are Red. Brand new originals include Tenderheart (a girl, beautiful in all ways), Michelangelo Blues (3 chapters in the artists life), Funky Monkey (honoring our capacity to rise above animal instinct), Why Not Me?! (about Peter, the Little Hero of Holland), Hop Up & Help, Santa Filomena (aka the pioneering courage and caring of Florence Nightingale) & Room 4U & Me (a 5th grade boy misjudges a girl by her appearance).


CD & CDG $ 20

Classroom Discussion Guide for Room CD
A vibrant, full-color guide to use with students, youth groups, and other groups of kids! The Classroom Discussion Guide coordinates with the Solid Core Values Music Assemblies, and features 8 dynamic songs from the CD, Room 4U & Me. The full-color Guide contains the lyrics to each song,and includes ideas to help students prepare for a music assembly called "GEARING UP", and a "GOING DEEPER" section for after the Assembly, with activities and discussion questions. Activities are designed to build community, break down barriers, and offer fun ways for students to move out of their cliques and comfort zones. Songs featured are "Tenderheart," "Lean on Me," "Michelangelo Blues," "Funky Monkey," "Why Not Me," "Santa Filomena" (a.k.a. Florence Nightingale), and "Room 4U & Me". The Theme of the Solid Core Values Assembly and the Room 4U & Me CD is that your heart, the core from your values and behavior flow, makes you attractive and appealing.


for parochial schools   

14 songs of faith for children and adults. Standards with new energy like Christ the Lord is Risen Today, City of God, They'll Know We are Christian, Lean on Me & the River is Here, plus new originals, like the Prayer of St. Francis (ala disco!) and How Can You Say?! ("you love the unseen God, if you don't love your own sister right here?"). This CD also has some of the songs pastor Rich does in Public Schools with the Illinois Arts Council ArtsTour which reinforce Character Education, like Tenderheart, santa Filomena (aka Florence Nightingale), Michelangelo Blues, Funky Monkey, Hop Up & Help, Why Not Me?! (Peter, the Little Hero of Holland) & the title track, Room 4U & Me. This CD was recorded with children and adults.